A.  Account Opening


AML, CTF, and Sanctions compliance has become vigorously applied by banks.

This might turn the process of opening an account to be very lengthy and tiring.


We have enough expertise and understating of the banking system and compliance requirements that will get your account opened in due course, avoiding any complications.


We can offer several banking options in different jurisdictions based on your needs, requirements and suitability. The banks that we deal with are tier 1 international and local banks.


We recommend banks after conducting our due diligence in order to insure their strength

and solvency.



B.  Authorized Signatory on Accounts


We can act as an authorized signatory over your accounts in our jurisdiction to facilitate your banking operation and help you to take the right banking decisions.



C.  Fund Creation


 We help you to establish fund(s) in different jurisdictions.



D.  Non-discretionary Mandates


Successful investment management can take up an enormous amount of time - but it does not have to. Take advantage of a strategy that puts you at its heart. The financial market development of recent years have shown that professional and flexible asset management is an indispensable requirement if the right investment decision is to be made at the right time. This is precisely where our Non-Discretionary Management comes into its own.


A.  Corporate Structuring


Establishing corporate structures for individual clients or companies to reduce their cost and/or expenses and improve their tax position. These structures can start from a simple to sophisticated ones, depending on the clients’ needs, objectives and future plans.


We help you create/incorporate:


Free Zone Companies.

Offshore Companies.

Special Purpose Vehicles/Personal Investment Vehicles.

Holding Companies.



B.  Corporate Administration


All administration services that a business entity needs when operating across international borders:


Handling issues of purchase orders, sales invoices, credit notes and debtor statements.

Handling correspondence with third parties.

Mail administration.

Document attestation and notarization.

Auditing and accounting services.

Contract Vesting.

Handling banking operation and acting as an authorized signatory on the account.



C.  Fiduciary Services


Nominee Share Holder.

Nominee Director.

Secretarial services.



D.  Trust Services


Setting up a trust can play an important role in estate planning. It allows you to transfer assets to an individual, charitable organization or trust company (third party; the trustee) and maintain control over how the assets are used; whether it’s during your lifetime (inter vivos trust) or through your Will (testamentary trust).



A.  Private Equity


Identify business opportunities in different jurisdictions.

Feasibility studies and Market analysis.


Fund Raising.







B.  Real Estate Investment Opportunities

 Identifying real estate opportunities in several countries.







A.  European Programs - EU

1. Hungary

2. Bulgaria

3. Portugal

4. Malta

5. Cyprus

6. UK



B.  Caribbean Programs

1. Grenada

2. Dominica

3. St Kitts

4. Antigua/Barbados